Lemon Pie is finished

A finished quilt is a beautiful thing.

Lemon Pie
Please do not copy without permission
 I'm so glad I've switched my focus from my FWS to finishing up a few things on my WIP pile such as the quilt above.

Here's some texture detail on the back:

quilt back
Please do not copy without permission

I really like how velvety-soft the backing fabric feels - almost like a brushed cotton.  It's a lavender dot print from Lucien.  I used a variegated thread for the top stitching and plain grey (Coats & Clark) in the bobbin.  It blends beautifully with the lavender.

I had just completed the free-motion quilting and was changing feet on my machine to start on the binding and my machine went dead.  Kaput.  Oy.  I took it into the shop on Tuesday and got a royal spanking from the shop owner for horrific negligence.  3 years is WAY too long to go without a service.  I guess the equivalent would be to drive your car for 20k without an oil change!!!  So, I have my fingers crossed that there is nothing major wrong that can't be resolved with a thorough cleaning and adjustment.  I have a quilting class in mid-Oct. for which I need my machine and it's questionable it will be done by then. 

If anyone reading this is thinking this sounds familiar, don't make my mistake; stop what you're doing and take your machine in IMMEDIATELY for servicing!

I still have my Featherweight which came in handy for making the binding strips and finishing up the quilt.  I can still work on piecing my FWS blocks too.

Lemon Pie, Completed!
Please do not copy without permission
Have a GREAT weekend!

Here's my tubby guy Axel - we bought him a battery operated hamster in hopes he'd chase it and get more exercise.  As you can see here, he wasn't too impressed.
Axel vs. Hamster


Shirley said...

Your "Lemon Pie" is really nice!!
The quilting, everything about it is good!
This is your design?

Claudia said...

Hi Shirley, thanks!! This is a Piece O' Cake Designs from a quilting magazine. There are more blog entries (should be tagged) in my blog.

ga447 said...

Love the quilt and love the yellow and purple. I have a WIP and will have to complete it by end of October, first going on vacation overseas.

Lesly said...

Omg Claudia, it is spectacular! I am so inspired to try some appliqué now - something I have terrified to take up, but yours is so pretty that I just can't resist!

Angie said...

That quilt is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job. Your Axel looks like our Homer Kitty--a beautiful black baby. :) I'm afraid my machine is loooong overdue for a check up. :/

Carol Sanin said...

pretty, love the quilting.

Michelle @ the quilted tortoise said...

It's absolutely gorgeous Claudia!! Your quilting is amazing!