This and That

I finally got down to business and made a "gnome home" for the Incredible Shrinking Quilters' Bee for Sharon.  My daughter helped by drafting up some house plans.

Gnome house ideas

Her teacher would've been impressed with her application of geometry.

Ultimately, we concluded that any decent gnome would live in a tree:

gnome home

I found myself with an extra hour Thursday afternoon before I needed to pick my daughter up from school and made a trip to Beverly's.


They had quite a lot of  Heather Ross' Lightening Bugs fabric line scattered throughout the store.  It kills me though, that they don't group fabrics by designer lines, or at least don't do a good job of it, so one has to literally go through the entire stock when looking for specific fabrics.  But I digress.  I picked up the dogs in ochre, a yard and it was priced under $9 - I've seen this print on etsy at grossly inflated prices.  It coordinates with the dots and plants (I have a vast amount of this).  I picked up the brown brint, a repro from Marcus Bros., I thought it coordinated with the ochre.

Now, I'm not sure what I want to do with my collection.  I may be convinced to do a "giveway" or swap in the near future .....


Do you play with fabric?

fabric fun

I didn't have time to sew last night but as the early evening light was streaming in my bedroom window and with glass of wine in hand, I started pulling fabrics from my stash. 

Stack o fabrics

Arranged and stacked.

Often, this is how I start formulating new quilting projects.  Do you work this way too?

This is what I've been working on all week in the evening on the couch in front of the TV.

Handquilting on Hexes

It's been in progress for ages.  I pick it up when the desire for handiwork arises.

Tools of the Trade

In the hoop

My biggest fan.


Charity quilt is done!

Corner Store

Despite the hand-quilting, I was able to bang this one out in short order.  I emailed the above photo to the school auction coordinator and it's already been posted on the website.  It's listed for $230, although I'd be really, really surprised if they get that much.  However, it is a winetasting/auction, so you never know.

finished school auction quilt

Quilt pattern is adapted from the Corner Store pattern from "Material Obsession".  The designs are actually hand-quilted (in other words, stitched through all three fabric layers of the quilt - top, batting and backing) in perle cotton.

Many more pictures of this quilt can be found on my flickr (look in the right hand column of the blog for a link).

Look what my sister made for me?


Pretty darn cool, no?


Charity quilt for school fundraiser

Once again, I have found myself up against a rapidly approaching deadline. The school auction is on April 21 but it would be better to finish before the deadline so it can be included in the auction catalog.

Will I make it?

I have completed the hand quilting in 25 out of 30 blocks and I need to do the binding as well.



Stay tuned for future developments.