Farmer's Wife: at an impasse

My free time (as it is) these past few weeks have been consumed with my house painting project, but I do have a couple of FWS blocks I put together a few weeks ago, but have yet to share with you.

#25 Cups & Saucers

#26 Cut Dish

I attempted the next block, Flock of Birds, but didn't get far.  The few nights I sat down to work was at the end of some very long work days. After shuffling these pieces around, and getting no where, I called "it a day".

Not quite a Flock

I find myself losing steam on my FWS project, and it's not just a lack of time or energy.  I haven't figured out how to streamline my work process, so I'm reinventing the wheel on each block.  Sometimes I use the templates, or paper-piece or use math.  This takes more "brain energy" than I seem to have these days. 

I'm also finding that I'm out of good background prints in light colors.  Not all fabrics can be "rock stars", and I'm lacking good "blenders".  Unless I start reusing fabrics, but I was hoping to keep things scrappy.  Ideally, I'll be able to pick up some FQ's at my local fabric shop, if I can only find the time.  So, it's at an impasse for now.

Now with the bulk of house painting done (still need to do touch up), I hope to turn my attention to this WIP. 

Lemon Applique

I have the backing fabric and would like to get it prepped for quilting. Maybe I can squeeze in some time this weekend between the 2 planned picnics/BBQ's.

I wish everyone a great Labor Day weekend! 


Betweens said...

I love your Flourishes applique it is going to be stunning!! your fabrics are great for the FW quilt too.

Cathy said...

they are looking great! sometimes life gets away from us and it is hard to find the time!