Oh yes, I do love Fridays.  The end of the work week is in sight, and various "quilt-y" projects beckon.

New Stash
  Before I tell you what I have planned for this delicious stack, I wanted to give a yell out to Amy at Amy's Creative Side for featuring me on her bog today.  I feel totally honored to be featured, and maybe a bit astonished, to be honest.  Amy's next Bloggers' Festival is coming up next month, so mark your calendars.  I can't think of a better way for small bloggers such as myself (under 50 followers) to get our work out there and to encourage us all to support other quilters. 

Back to the fabric featured above.... I had purchased for my FWS project, but now I can't get the idea of making a log cabin mini or table runner out my mind!  I'm not sure if I have enough yardage as these are smallish scraps - somewhere in between fat quarter and fat eighth in size.

Speaking of log cabins, here's a fun idea on quilterscache.


Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!

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