While the Babylock is in the shop

Had to switch gears, pulling out the featherweight this weekend to piece some FWS blocks.

I managed to put together 4 blocks.

After debating about it for a while, I decided to not share Block #33 - Farmer's Puzzle here.  It looks way too much like a Swastika for my comfort.  I'm going to take it apart and turn some of the pieces around and will post at a later time.  However, you can see the block photographed with all of the blocks.

Looks like it might not be too early to start thinking about sashing colors.  Any ideas are welcome.

We enjoyed more warm temps and clear days through the weekend but now it's started to rain.  I love working in my quilting room (aka, the bedroom!) on a nice sunny afternoon.  I was able to grab a couple of hours unexpectedly on Saturday while my daughter worked at a fundraiser car wash for the school band.  I had volunteered to help out, but they had more than enough adults to supervise.  I somehow found a few more hours on Sunday after taking my daughter and a friend to the mall (I followed at a discrete distance as they shopped at Hot Topic, etc.)!

Here's my sewing companion ....

And my fabric storing system - I resisted the urge to straighten things up for the picture.


Lauren @ Craft My Life Away said...

I have found that there are 3 or 4 blocks that replicate swastika's. I guess it was the times, right?

Your blocks so far seem to have pops of gold/mustard. Maybe a nice mustard for sashing?

Dee said...

Sewing buddies are nice, aren't they?

Love the blocks and I thought more of pinwheels than anything else.

Super sweet sewing time. Congrats!

Beezus said...

I never really thought that about the farmer's puzzle until you mentioned it. Maybe the colors I used are just different enough to keep me from seeing that pattern. I can see why you didn't want to share yours in an individual photograph.

But I have to also point out that in the 1920s, the swastika hadn't yet been given a bad reputation yet. The symbol is actually based on a lot of the early cross designs, especially from the areas that we now think of as Orthodox (Greece and the Balkans come to mind). In a lot of old church decorative elements, you can see the cross shaped this way. Hitler just took it and perverted its meaning, which makes me really sad. Yet another cultural thing he stole from all of humanity.