"Far Out" fabrics and some quilting

Alexander Henry fabrics
My husband wanted to visit the music store in the Haight which was a great excuse for me to go fabric shopping at Mendel's

A standby of the "old Haight", Mendel's is a family run arts & crafts store with an old collection of junk but also an amazing selection of Alexander Henry fabrics.  I have to cringe though, when the cut yardage, they snip the ends and tear the fabric.  I hate to see high quality quilting cottons handled like that.
I'm using the bottom brick red print for my Japanese style sampler (WIP) and the rest were impulse buys.  I'm especially in love with the zig zags and pumpkins.  I see a table runner possibly in these fabrics.

In quilting news, here's a glimpse of my progress on Aqua Strings:


After making a special trip to Joann's earlier in the week for thread because I didn't like anything I had on hand, but then ended up using the same thread I had used on my Snowball quilt - Gutermann's variegated.  Of course, I had only a quarter of a spool left, so I ended up having to make YET another trip to Joann's with my daughter in tow with a promise to not look at anything BUT thread.  Dear Daughter claimed it was likely I would stop mid store to exclaim, "Isn't this cute!" , but with a trip to Mendel's and Beverly's (Hoffman Batiks were 25% off) all on the same day, I too had reached my limit. Got thread, got out.

I'm also working on the binding for the Snowball quilt and should have an update soon.


Lesly said...

I love that red cross-hatch fabric! And your quilting looks fantastic - that little leaf is fab!

Dee said...

Ooohhh, love wild and unusual prints. Hippy at heart, I think.

The quilting looks amazing and just perfect. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

I bought thread at Joann's yesterday-or the day before-they're starting to blur. 40% off here.

Hope your day is great!

Sarah said...

I hate the tearing too!