A few things I'm working on

After the busyness of the holidays we've settled into a very rainy, wet January. I've been puttering around with a few miscellaneous projects. I even had a freebie day off work due to a powerful storm that took out the power at the office.

Jujitsunagi (Linked "10 Variation)

Manji (Buddhist Symbol)
Manji (Buddhist Symbol)

Diagonal Cross
Diagonal Cross

Mitsu Ume - Three Plum Blossoms
Mitsu Ume (Three Plum Blossoms)

Blocks are from Susan Briscoe's Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix & Match. I'm working with traditional Japanese fabrics (indigos and brick reds), sent to me by a friend in Okinawa, and scraps of Japanese prints leftover from my Bento Box quilt.

I just finished the applique block which was the most labor intensive of the bunch. I used freezer paper for the templates, plastic template for the flower centers, and Perle cotton for the embroidery. The flower centers proved very challenging for me and look quite crude. I'm obviously not very skilled working with such small pieces. I'd love to hear from anyone who may have suggestions/tips on how to achieve nice smooth shapes.

I finally cut into the fabrics I've been collected for a new bed quilt for Elizabeth. She requested a quilt in teals, blues and greens. We decided on a string quilt using my handy-dandy strip ruler from Cozy Quilts. Instructions to make the Daniella block are included with the ruler. I will post a tutorial soon.

String quilt WIP

The turquoise solid was purchased at Mendel's which is a wonderfully funky store located in the the City's Haight-Asbury district. They have what is probably the most comprehensive collection of Alexander Henry fabrics to be found anywhere under one roof, and a good collection of vinyl's and fake fur (should one have a pressing need!).


wishes, true and kind said...

I love the Japanese blocks. My favorite is the three plum blossoms -- just beautiful!


Betweens said...

I love what is happing with the japanese fabric blocks.. they look fantastic!! keep going and post more they are real nice treat

Dee said...

the japanese blocks are lovely. taking tiny, tiny stitches to make your curves for the inner part of the flower is what I would do. it seems to work for my Dresden Plates and anything else I'm working on. the other quilt for E is stunning. visually alive and exciting to look at.

awesome projects to keep busy with!

Rebekah said...

These blocks are gorgeous!

"Manji" is my aunt's last name...never knew it was a Buddhist symbol.

Elizabeth's bed quilt is so cute. That zinnia print is one of my favorites

Sarah said...

Those plum blossums are absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see more :-)

ParisMaddy said...

All of your blocks are wonderful but I especially like the way plum blossom turned out.

Susan Briscoe said...

Lovely blocks - I've linked this post to my blog :-)