Bear Paw completed

Bear Paw Mini Quilt

So ... I'm disappointed with the quilting.  I know we are often our own worst critics but I think my rushing combined with fatigue and a dull needle in my machine resulted in something for which I'm not wildly excited about.

Originally, I had a double helix sort of shape going through the black sashing but I had drawn on free-hand and quilted over and it looked terrible.  I ripped it out and free-motioned the leaf pattern.  I free-handed words around the borders - "Stargazing", "hiking", etc., and "Thank You" to show appreciation for the special things my daughter's teacher did with the class.  I wanted it to subtle, and therefore wasn't able to get a good shot of the writing.
Quilt Back

This is really a case of try to make a quilt with the recipients tastes in mind.  Mr. Rich is a former hippie type, is very interested in nature, Native Americans, and astronomy.  I tried to incorporate these interests into the quilt.

Finished size is 18" square
Pattern:  Bear Paw
Binding:  brought backing fabric over to front - folded twice and stitched by machine
Fabric:  various batiks, Alexander Henry prints


Lesly said...

Really??? I think the quilting looks amazing - no word of a lie. And I realy like the block. I was never mad about bear's paw, but this has really turned me around. The colour choices really make this. I'm sure Mr. Rich will flip - what a wonderful teacher gift.

La Mañosa said...

I also think the quilting looks great. I love the leaves! I think the teacher will love it!

Miri said...

I love the leaf quilting in the black sashing-my eye went right to it!

Great little quilt and a really terrific gift for a teacher.

Rebekah said...

I really like the quilting on this. The leaf pattern in the black is really pretty. I think you're being too hard on yourself.