Bear Paws and Snowballs

Bear Paw Mini

Whipped this up last night.  I had a sudden inspiration to make Mr. Rich, my daughter's 4th grade teacher a little end of year gift.   Last day of class is Friday.  Yep, Friday.  As per my usual mode of operation, a very last minute project is underway!  Mr Rich has a very personal/spiritual connection to bears, hence the choice of the traditional Bear Paw block pattern.  

  • Traditional Bear Paw Block Pattern
  • Block size 12 " (instructions from "Quilts, Quilts Quilts!!!")
  • Finished size 18"
  • Fabrics:  Alexander Henry prints, batiks, black solid

I'm keeping it simple due to time constraints.  This morning, I cut the batting and backing.  To be quilted tonight.
* * * * *

Snowball Quilt

This oldie has been gathering dust in my WIP for ages and is finally getting bound.  On my fabric store travels over the weekend, I purchased a pink and brown batik print from Hoffman.  I had been search and searching to no avail for the red batik used through this quilt to use for binding, but it appeared to be a discontinued fabric.  My daughter pointed to the the pink & brown and it worked!  I would've never considered it (can't say I love it but sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on).  Sometimes it pays to take a 9 year old fabric shopping even if she has to be bribed with a Webkins.

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Rebekah said...

When I think of quilting, the bear claw pattern always comes to mind first, although I had never known that was the name of it.

Good luck with this teacher gift!