On vacation!

I'm off to Iowa with my family for a week. Check back for an update in a week or so.


Monkeys, Hexes and more!

I've finally found my sewing groove and have been madly stitching away since Sunday. First up, was a simple tote bag I slap dashed together for my daughter. By "slap-dashed" I mean I was in a hurry to do some quilting, so the bag was about a 2 hour project.

ticky tacky tote for Elizabeth

She choose the fabrics, which put to use some rather tacky prints for which I had stashed away to make my son a quilt but had ended up using Bali Pops instead. I foundation pieced roughly cut strips onto my lining fabric (flannel) and sewed a separate lining as well. I experimented with external handles for the first time, which I think turned out well as they're sturdy and can take a moderate amount of weight.

She promptly stuck a Princess button on the front and hauled it off to day camp. It coordinated perfectly with her socks!


About the time I was finishing the handles on the tote bag, my friend arrived to work on her monkey baby quilt. This is what we got done by the end of the day:


My friend is new to quilting and sewing, and she struggled with stitching an accurate 1/4" seam, even with the 1/4" seam foot on my machine and her pinning of pieces was all wonky. I found I had to suppress all of my "perfectionist" tendencies and let her work it out. How else can you learn? Fortunately, the simple block pattern is a forgiving one and I'll show her how to trim down the finished blocks to consistent sizes once we get to that point.


Aren't they cute?

Lastly, the hexagon quilt. It's been sitting around waiting for me to decide what to do with the back. I totally screwed up and not only bought insufficient fabric, but then proceeded to cut it up the wrong way. Eventually, I was able to re-piece, running a line of leftover hexes down the middle and it still was too small! Then I cut some borders out of the leftover front border print fabric. I literally had only tiny scraps left but it worked!

back, pinned basted

I pinned it together last night.

hexes, pinned

quilt top, pinned basted

Usually, I use baste spray, but I'm still hanging onto the notion that I'm going to hand quilt with perle cotton embroidery floss. I'm waffling though, as I hadn't intended to have a pieced back and am not sure how my pattern will look going across the hexes on the back.

Any ideas/opinions on what I should do?


New beginnings

I haven't done a lick of sewing since returning from Long Beach. I have been admiring my new stash additions and hoping the fog would clear so I could share these with you. The fog has yet to lift, so this is the best I could do.

chicken fabrics

On my list of fabrics to be on the look out for at the quilt show, were fruit and veggie prints with the idea I'd make a small wall quilt for the kitchen. Instead I came up with this.

new fabric

The chicken fabric is actually much more colorful than the photo suggests.

New fabric

Two bundles of what I think are fat eighths - Jane Sassaman and Anna Marie Horner await a quilt for my daughter, Elizabeth. I have a rough idea (although I'm sure to change my mind a few dozen times before I start on this) to make a triangle quilt interspersing the prints with solids.


I'm going to use these in my color block quilt (in process).

I bought some hand dyes and batiks ... but those will have to wait for another day.