Dogpatch ... completed

Here it is:

Quilt details can be found on yesterday's post.

I used this tutorial here to make the faux piped binding.  I cut my fabric on the straight of grain but otherwise followed the instructions.  I never get good results from binding back to front (vs. back to front) and with single fold binding vs. double, but I think with some practice and a few tweaks, this could look really neat.  Next time, I will stitch the front with my regular sewing foot, and NOT my walking foot.  I changed the foot after I was already 3/4 of the way done and I wish I had figured this out sooner.  My walking foot made short ugly stitches and the open toe kept on catching on the piping.  UGH!!!  I also do better with narrower binding strips - I always seem to have excess fabric.

Oh well, as with much with quilting, it's a learning process.



21.5" x 21.5"
cottons & tulle

I felt the need to whip up a little something for a friend whose birthday is next Wednesday.  My husband gave me Yoshiko Jinzenji's, Quilting Line + Color for Christmas and I'd been eyeing the animal silhouette handbags and pillows.  With a few hours, less than a yard of white fabric, some scraps and 2 layers of tulle I had a quilt.  I'm calling it Dogpatch, which is actually the name of dog park in the City.

The quilting was fairly time-consuming.  I used the edge of the foot on the walking foot as a guide for the spacing of the stitching.  There really wasn't any way to mark over the tulle and it didn't bother me if the lines weren't perfectly straight.  And because I decided to stitch in 2 different directions, I had a ton of threads to bury.

Quilting Line + Color by Yoshiko Jinzenji

I enjoyed trying something a little different and minimalistic for a change.  I still need to bind it and I'm thinking of adding a touch of color by adding some faux piping -- we'll see if I can figure out how to do it!


"Fifty by Fifty"

So let me first explain -- my blog title is a little "tongue and cheek", I'm still in my 50th year until mid-March, and I wanted to get 50 blocks done before then.  In fact, I was bound and determined to get to the 50 block mark by the end of January and....drum roll.... mission accomplished (for real)!!

"Fifty by Fifty"
Farmer's blocks for 2012

This one makes me dizzy:

Yet another basket:

That's all for now.  I'm thinking I'll take a break from Farming for a bit so I can work on some other WIPs like this one and this one.  My family would also appreciate not hearing so much swearing coming out of the sewing room (PP tiny blocks brings out the worst in me)!