Snowball quilt top completed!

And another quilt top ... done!

Here it is:

Snowball quilt top is done!

Snowball quilt top is done!

This quilt has been in the works for at least a year and I started collecting fabrics for the snowballs probably 2 years ago. I had something very specific in mind combining pinks, greens, and gold florals and dots and combining them with hand dyes.

I didn't want any white on this quilt - although there are small bits. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I'm tired of looking at quilts with a lot of white used for negative space. Although using white can be very striking, to requires a little bit more creativity to avoid it, and the end result I thought, was worth it.

I ran out of the gray batik (Hoffman "hippo") I wanted to use for the border blocks and had a mix-up and long wait from www.batiksplus.com before my final yardage arrived. However, they came through and sent me a few extra fat quarters for the inconvenience. If you haven't checked out Batiks Plus, they have the most comprehensive collection of Hoffman batiks anywhere.

At the farmer's market yesterday morning. Elizabeth's wearing the scarf I knitted. I think I'm officially hooked!

Stonestown Farmer's Market

Look at the gorgeous citron. I asked a customer who bought a couple of these what he intended to do with them and he got a sheepish look on his face before telling that he soaks them in vodka. Whole. And they are quite large, so I'm thinking a vat of vodka!


Color Block quilt top - completed!

Here is its:

Color block quilt top completed

It's 83 x 98 and just fits on my Queen-sized bed. I would've liked a more overhang on the sides but am satisifed and ready to move on to preparing the back.

Color Block quilt top completed
I shopped for backing fabric on Saturday at one of my favorite little fabric shops, Peapod Fabrics (http://www.peapodfabrics.com/), owned and operated by a delightful Japanese woman. I was hoping she would have the new Amy Butler Love line, but she didn't -- she did have a wonderful selection of fabrics though -- so I auditioned my quilt with various options for as long as I could get away with an impatient 9-year old in tow. I decided to go with something a little muted, this from Valori Wells Del Hi line (pictured below from the Quilt Home website). I thought it fitting since I had included various Del Hi fabrics into the front of the quilt.

I can't wait to put the back together and on to the quilting. I helped my friend Amy, with her baby quilt (sock monkey) on Sunday, so my project waits for another spare moment.


Ninja Bean

I'm a huge fan of Rita's adorable handmade Ninja Beans. My daughter "ohhed and ahhed "over her pictures on flickr and so I decided to surprise her with a Bean of her own. Please check out Rita's beautiful work at Mochi Studios http://www.mochistudios.com/. Rita customized the doll (choice of colors, etc.) and was an absolute delight to with.


She has quickly become my daughter's constant companion, hanging out in local cafes and taking a prime spot in the bunk bed at night.


The hand-stitched details are so well thought out and executed.

Thank you, Rita!



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