Cutting Coffins

My daughter says these look like coffins.  They're pinwheels, actually.

Mock-up on a piece of batting

Green pinwheel blocks will alternate with white ones.


Two finishes

We had a fun little photo shot outside my office yesterday.  I asked my friend Mary, who owns a very nice camera to take these shots and luckily for me, she agreed.

Aqua Strings


Photos by Mary Henry


Bear Paw completed

Bear Paw Mini Quilt

So ... I'm disappointed with the quilting.  I know we are often our own worst critics but I think my rushing combined with fatigue and a dull needle in my machine resulted in something for which I'm not wildly excited about.

Originally, I had a double helix sort of shape going through the black sashing but I had drawn on free-hand and quilted over and it looked terrible.  I ripped it out and free-motioned the leaf pattern.  I free-handed words around the borders - "Stargazing", "hiking", etc., and "Thank You" to show appreciation for the special things my daughter's teacher did with the class.  I wanted it to subtle, and therefore wasn't able to get a good shot of the writing.
Quilt Back

This is really a case of try to make a quilt with the recipients tastes in mind.  Mr. Rich is a former hippie type, is very interested in nature, Native Americans, and astronomy.  I tried to incorporate these interests into the quilt.

Finished size is 18" square
Pattern:  Bear Paw
Binding:  brought backing fabric over to front - folded twice and stitched by machine
Fabric:  various batiks, Alexander Henry prints


Bear Paws and Snowballs

Bear Paw Mini

Whipped this up last night.  I had a sudden inspiration to make Mr. Rich, my daughter's 4th grade teacher a little end of year gift.   Last day of class is Friday.  Yep, Friday.  As per my usual mode of operation, a very last minute project is underway!  Mr Rich has a very personal/spiritual connection to bears, hence the choice of the traditional Bear Paw block pattern.  


"Far Out" fabrics and some quilting

Alexander Henry fabrics
My husband wanted to visit the music store in the Haight which was a great excuse for me to go fabric shopping at Mendel's

A standby of the "old Haight", Mendel's is a family run arts & crafts store with an old collection of junk but also an amazing selection of Alexander Henry fabrics.  I have to cringe though, when the cut yardage, they snip the ends and tear the fabric.  I hate to see high quality quilting cottons handled like that.