Home improvement and a little sewing

I started on a huge home improvement project over the weekend ... removing the wallpaper in our living room.  We've been living with vinyl grasspaper for 10 years and it looks dreadful.  We live in a rental, so we've been pretty cautious about launching into these types of projects.  But, after successfully removing the paper in the kitchenette and revamping it into a much needed bedroom for my daughter, it was time to move on to another part of the house.
Wallpaper circa late 1950's with vintage light fixture.
This is what is under the vinyl.  The pink and gold coordinates with our pink and gold formica kitchen countertops!  The lady of the house obviously liked pink.  This is just one layer down.  There are several more layers going back to the 1920's.  I have my work cut out for me.

Consequently, I didn't get any work done on my Triangle quilt over the weekend, but I finished up an embroidery I started on last year. 

Christmas Tree on Acid
The pattern is a freebie from Badbird Designs.  I cut out the finished design and made it into a stuffie.  I think it looks rather ridiculous and garish, but my daughter loves it so it's hanging out in her room.  I still need to add a loop of floss to the top so she can hang it up if she wishes.

I also sewed a couple of blocks for my Farmer's Wife Sampler. 

Calico Puzzle & Bat wing

Instructions & completed block
This photo gives you an idea of the general layout from the book, The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt.  That's the extent of the instructions provided.  Numbered templates are provided on a CD.  This book is a HUGE disappointment, as no measurements for the individual pieces are given.  I will probably stick with the easy blocks - the ones that can be drafted out because the pieces are divisible by 6.  I don't feel the need to slavishly reproduce an historical looking quilt anyway.



I cut into my Betty Dear fat quarters using my super-duper Tri Tool triangle template.  The template makes quick work of the cutting process.  Simply cut the fabric into strips, in this case 6 1/2" strips to yield 6 1/2" triangles.

The prints alternate with solids from my stash.  I have about one half of my strips pieced so far.  This will be a "smallish" lap quilt.  If I've done my math right (which is doubtful!), finished size will be approximately 60" x 72".

My design process
You might ask what happened to my earlier idea to using my Betty Dear to make wagon wheel blocks?  Well, I opened up a drawer in my sewing cabinet and my eye fell on the triangle template.  I've always wanted to make a triangle quilt, and I quickly envisioned a riot of diamonds, a la Kaffe Fassett.  After cutting out some of the fabric and playing around with the triangles, I decided I didn't like the diamonds nor did I care for the "busyness" of the prints, so I gathered up some solids.  I used some depression-era FQ I had picked up several years ago at a quilt show, supplementing with some Kona solids, and voila, a quilt pattern was born!

Now, if only Axel would STAY OFF ...