basket love

I bought myself this gorgeous African basket from an African vendor at the Quilt Festival in Santa Clara this past weekend.


The words "Bolga Basketo" are embossed in the leather handle. I just love everything about it ... the workmanship, it's colors, voluptuous shape and the look and feel of the handle when I grasp it.

I spied this same vendor at the Long Beach quilt show this summer but walked away empty-handed because I couldn't think of a way to get one of these home on the plane. So, when my sister and I walked into the Santa Clara show and saw the very same vendor of African wares, I was delighted. But we had waited until the last second to relocate the stall. With literally five minutes to go before the end of the show and stopping several times to ask for directions, we found the basket vendor again. They immediately offered me a very nice discount, although I must confess that I would've bought the basket at full price!


So what's in the basket you may ask? I bought a couple of fabrics to make an apron and an apron pattern, machine needles and a thumb protector. I thought that was pretty restrained.

I bought the Veronica apron pattern even though I really wanted the Daily Spice Halter Apron pattern by Heather Bailey http://quilthome.com/product_info.php/products_id/5664 but balked at paying $12.50. Is it just me, or is that a bit pricey for a fairly simple pattern? I've looked closer at the Veronica pattern since I brought it home, and am not sure if I like it all that much.

If anyone have any good recommendations for a halter style apron pattern, please let me know.


Cathy said...

What a stunning basket, you must be thrilled to have found it, and with a lovely discount too!! xo

Ann Champion said...

I can see why you "needed" to have that basket! It's wonderful. :)

Rebekah said...

What a great basket! I've been seeing those pop up in blog land lately and would love to buy one if I see it locally