getting things done

Sometimes it doesn't seem like I'm getting anything accomplished because I haven't had a completed quilt to show off in many months. But I'm chipping away at the pile with four quilts in various stages of doneness. Does anyone else work this way?

snow ball WIP

This one is a straightforward snowball I've been futzing with for about a year. All the individual snowball pieces are cut and pieced and the top is about halfway assembled. Most likely it'll be on the small side and I'll have to think about borders soon. Any ideas?

WIP - Monkey Business

The monkey top is all pieced. It's interesting working on a quilt where I am lending my quilting expertise and leaving all of the design decisions to my friend. It's her first quilt and I think it's looking pretty good so far.

trying it on for size

My assistant.

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Rebekah said...

Ooh, I like how your snowball quilt is coming along!

And, your friend is doing a wonderful job on the monkey quilt. She's lucky to have a friend guiding her through the quilting process :)