when inspiration strikes

My brother Ken was coming to town for his birthday and annual visit to treat our Dad to a 49ers game and I thought I'd make him some potholders.

I had some leftover orange squares I had cut out for my snowball quilt but thought they were to "pumpkin-y". Hmmmmmm

Pumpkin mini-quilt

My orange squares were a bit small for potholders, but what if I made several pumpkins and combined them with some stash fabrics?

pumpkin action

I like the way the eyes ended up peeking over the top of the pumpkin stem.

I had only a few hours to throw it together -- Friday evening and Saturday morning -- nothing like a fast approaching deadline to kick up one's creative juices.


I used a fat quarter of a vintage looking Halloween print for the back (sorry, not pictured here). The binding is completely machine sewn to save time, a technique I have obviously not mastered!

Pumpkin mini


Lynn said...

Oh my goodness, that potholder is too cute to use! Your spiders and webs are perfect.

Rebekah said...

Adorable! I love how you quilted the pumpkin lines too.