New camera and fog

That pretty much sums it up.

No more fuzzy-funky cell phone pictures for this blog! I lost my camera (actually, was my son's) about 3 weeks ago and so finally got around to ordering a new one. It arrived on my doorstep yesterday and I had it out of the box and operational in minutes.

We had scorching temps the last few days. It was 100+ degrees inland from San Francisco (where I work) and fairly warm in SF - mid to high 80's. Typically, it remains cool here, particularly out near the coast but the inland heat creates our fog.

I walked around the reservoir near my house last night with my new camera trying to capture the fog but discovered that it's actually somewhat tricky to do.

Sorry, I have no quilt-y pictures to offer you today. I've taken a mini-break from my projects and have been spending my evenings reading from the "Harry Potter" series with my daughter and re-watching the "Dirty Harry" series of films on DVD. It's a time warp back to San Francisco in the late 70's (and I have to admit, I remember these times, having grown up in a suburb east of SF).

Parting shot of guess who:

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