International Quilt Festival/Long Beach

Emerald Treasures by Barb Forrister
Emerald Treasures by Barb Forrister

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This was the second year I traveled down to So. Cal with my sister to see the International Quilt Show in Long Beach. Based our experience from last year, we tacked on an extra day, stayed within walking distance to the convention center (which was a vastly better experience than staying at the Holiday Inn in the ghetto) and signed up for a couple of classes. Imagine, three full days jam-packed with quilt-y activities.

Radiant Reflections by Noriko Endo
Radiant Reflections by Noriko Endo

I can't tell you how stunning this quilt was. It looked like a dreamy water color painting and even upon close inspection, I was not entirely certain how it was constructed. Once home, a goggle search helped solve the mystery. Endo is featured on Alex Anderson's show on HGTV and her process can be viewed here. It's worth checking out.

A smattering of quilts:

IMG_0064 (1) IMG_0065 (1) IMG_0066 (1) Out of Africa by Linda Humphrey IMG_0067 (1) Gigi Part 2 by Sandra E. Lauterbach IMG_0062 (1) IMG_0080 (1)

This year, I found myself especially drawn to quilts with African themes and fabrics. On our last day there, we took took a class on African folklore embroidery taught by Leora Raikin. More about that later - it deserves it's own blog post.

Many more photos of quilts from the show can be seen by clicking on my flickr link on the right of my blog.

One last favorite!
Red Owls by Karin Peirce
Red Owls by Karin Peirce

In addition to viewing the quilts on exhibit, we wandered the vendor stalls trying to resist the abundant shopping opportunities. I came prepared with a list of "wants", but of course came home with a few more things than planned! I will share the new additions to my stash soon.

Local color
Caffeine fix IMG_0070 (1) IMG_0074 (1) IMG_0071 (1)

IMG_0095 (1)
Wating for our Saturday evening class to start

The "Saturday Night Sampler" class was held in the ballroom at the center. There were a total of 15 instructors who each gave short talks on various quilting techniques, i.e., applique, paper piecing, rotary cutting, etc. One of the most interesting topics for me was "creative transparency with tulle" presented by David Taylor. I noticed that tulle overlay is a technique commonly used by art quilters and I'd love to give it a try.

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Cathy said...

Wow, thanks for sharing these beautiful and amazing quilts! It must have been wonderful to see them. I do love that owl one too and that mosaic bench seat is incredible. xo