How I spent my weekend ...

... cutting and sewing together these blocks:

I'm not sure what I think about how well these colors work together. What do you think?

I should backtrack to say that my best friend called me wanting to get together for dinner and she had some "big news" to tell me - in person. She could barely wait for me to arrive at her apartment before blurting out that her stepdaughter is pregnant and she wants me to help her make a baby quilt.

And since she asked so nicely and just so happens there's a wonderful fabric store right down the street from her apartment, we quickly walked down the block to Peapod Fabrics. The place is tiny but the proprietor has the most excellent taste and has a wonderful collection of modern designer fabrics. I helped my friend select some fabrics and even though I had my sunglasses on (I had left my regular glasses in my car and didn't want to back for them as it was almost closing time), I managed to pick up about 10 small swatches of fabric for myself. It's a little maddening because she sells her small cuts in various sizes, all smaller than a fat quarter. I SO wish she sold standard sizes, but I digress.

I ended up with a selection of prints and as I was almost walking out the door I spied a selection of Kona cotton solids by the door. I picked up the deep fuchsia/maroon and the bright/light orange colors. Took them home and looked at them all day thinking about how I might put these all together in a quilt.

On Sunday, while my daughter was at gymnastics, I found myself at Joann's, perusing the Kona solids. I picked up a green and turquoise.

It's not that I want to always feature Axel in my quilting photos but he absolutely insists.

At this point (if you've made it this far), you may be wondering what happened to the hexagon quilt. I'm taking a break from it after having a minor disaster with the piecing of the backing fabric. Every time I attempted to lay out the quilt and backing to plan out how I was going to piece it, Axel would plop his 15 pound hairy body down and vigorously attack any movement of fabric. Finally, he attacked my tomato pincushion with all fours and I asked my brave teenager to remove the offending object from his mouth!
However, I have come up with a plan to repair the botched back and will hopefully have some pictures to share soon.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is gorgeous! The colors look so great together and I really like how you combined solids with patterned fabric.