Uncluttering the stash

Quilters like to joke about their fabric obsessions and stashing tendencies.  But at what point does the Having Too Much impede the creative process?  Increasingly, I'm finding myself on overload (quilters' ADD) and not seeing projects through to the end because I can't seem to focus on where the project is and moving it on to the next stage. 

I've decided it's time to make some changes.  I'm going to try to use up most of my old repros stash I've been saving for years, "just in case" I ever make that large and spectacular repro quilt, and to find creative ways to use up odd fabrics I was compelled to buy but can't seem to find a use for. 

Ultimately, some fabrics may need to go (in the charity bag).  ***gasp*** 

Too this end, I've started on two projects.  One is a 9-patch quilt made with stash repros and some uglies.  The houses were extra blocks I had floating about.  This will probably be a small-ish quilt and may end up as an auction item for my daughter's school.

9-patch with houses
  My daughter likes to go through my scrap can and the day we were working on the 9-patches, she put together a random assortment of scraps which I helped her sew together.  It's freeing working with her because she doesn't have my sensibility about what colors and patterns work well together.  It will be fashioned into a simple pillowcase made with some leftover doll stuffing.

Pillowcase back & front (left to right)

It's officially Fall, which is absolutely the best time of year in San Francisco, when our fog magically disappears and we get a taste of summer.  I don't have much of  garden of my own (I live on essentially a sand dune) but I enjoy the gardens in Golden Gate Park.

Dalia Garden in Golden Gate Park


Cathy said...

I know what you mean Claudia, I too have been de-cluttering at my house. Sometimes too much does swamp creativity. Best of luck with it, the 9 patch looks great. xo

Dee said...

destashing into quilts, pillowcases and whatever else is awesome! I love what you've shared with us and the sock monkey square is just too cute!

turning to fall here, one of my favorite times of the year, but also one of my least because it means that winter (which I hate) is coming.

thanks dear for the beautiful flower!

Rebekah said...

I've been decluttering my house lately too. It's a great reminder that I don't really need to go shopping for more craft supplies.

BTW...I keep getting a malware/this site may harm your computer when I visit your blog

Claudia said...

Regarding Rebekah's comment about regarding the malware warning, I believe I have identified a link to a reader blog I had on my sidebar. I've deleted the link and hopefully this problem has been eliminated.