21.5" x 21.5"
cottons & tulle

I felt the need to whip up a little something for a friend whose birthday is next Wednesday.  My husband gave me Yoshiko Jinzenji's, Quilting Line + Color for Christmas and I'd been eyeing the animal silhouette handbags and pillows.  With a few hours, less than a yard of white fabric, some scraps and 2 layers of tulle I had a quilt.  I'm calling it Dogpatch, which is actually the name of dog park in the City.

The quilting was fairly time-consuming.  I used the edge of the foot on the walking foot as a guide for the spacing of the stitching.  There really wasn't any way to mark over the tulle and it didn't bother me if the lines weren't perfectly straight.  And because I decided to stitch in 2 different directions, I had a ton of threads to bury.

Quilting Line + Color by Yoshiko Jinzenji

I enjoyed trying something a little different and minimalistic for a change.  I still need to bind it and I'm thinking of adding a touch of color by adding some faux piping -- we'll see if I can figure out how to do it!


Lesly said...

I won that book in a giveaway recently. It is very inspiring, but I never had the courage to try anything out of it! I love that you did - it's fabulous! What was it like quilting over that tulle?

Claudia said...

Lesly, it wasn't any trouble at all. I used my walking foot - but I imagine my open-toe free-motion foot might catch on the tulle. I've seen lots of applique landscape quilts with little bitty pieces quilted with tulle. I'd love to try that sometime.