Dogpatch ... completed

Here it is:

Quilt details can be found on yesterday's post.

I used this tutorial here to make the faux piped binding.  I cut my fabric on the straight of grain but otherwise followed the instructions.  I never get good results from binding back to front (vs. back to front) and with single fold binding vs. double, but I think with some practice and a few tweaks, this could look really neat.  Next time, I will stitch the front with my regular sewing foot, and NOT my walking foot.  I changed the foot after I was already 3/4 of the way done and I wish I had figured this out sooner.  My walking foot made short ugly stitches and the open toe kept on catching on the piping.  UGH!!!  I also do better with narrower binding strips - I always seem to have excess fabric.

Oh well, as with much with quilting, it's a learning process.


Michelle @ the quilted tortoise said...

Wow, this is fantastic Claudia!! I have that book too but it never occurred to me to actually tackle something out of it :) Your quilt is beautiful, what an awesome gift for your friend!

Dee said...

Hooray on such a fun and funky quilt finish! You've such a huge heart...it's just as beautiful as all of your quilts put together!