Autumn Leaves

This is as much fall color as you're going to find out my way in California.  I brought my camera and leaf blocks with me to work and while on my midday walk, I snapped these at the park.  Fortunately, there weren't too many folks out to question what the heck this strange woman was doing arranging fabric amongst the greenery.

As I walk by these manzanita bushes several times a week I often think its sinuous shapes would make a great start off point for a quilt design.
Farmer's Wife blocks
Sometime last year, my husband gave me The Farmer's Wife Sampler by Laurie Aaron Hird.  In a quest to use up some stash fabrics, I pulled out the book a few days ago and made these blocks.  Block size is 6" which makes for some pretty hairy piecing, but so far, I've stayed away from the more complicated designs.  Mostly likely, I won't be making all 111 blocks in the book - but just enough to make a modest-sized sampler.
Some more pictures from my photo shoot the other day:


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Dee said...

oh, these are beautiful. do you ever just want to sit on the bench with some handwork and soak it all in?

love the blocks...tiny, but beautiful!