Charity quilt is done!

Corner Store

Despite the hand-quilting, I was able to bang this one out in short order.  I emailed the above photo to the school auction coordinator and it's already been posted on the website.  It's listed for $230, although I'd be really, really surprised if they get that much.  However, it is a winetasting/auction, so you never know.

finished school auction quilt

Quilt pattern is adapted from the Corner Store pattern from "Material Obsession".  The designs are actually hand-quilted (in other words, stitched through all three fabric layers of the quilt - top, batting and backing) in perle cotton.

Many more pictures of this quilt can be found on my flickr (look in the right hand column of the blog for a link).

Look what my sister made for me?


Pretty darn cool, no?


Dee said...

I will say it again! You do such fabulously amazing work! I love the quilt! Not to my unusual, usual taste, but this is fantastic. I just love the extra detail of the cherries, strawberries and flowers! Too much fun.

And can your sister adopt me? LOL

wishes, true and kind said...

That quilt turned out great! And I love the iphone case :)

Cathy said...

Wow Claudia your quilt is so lovely...and you are giving it away?! i hope it raises even more than that. Fabulous stitching. Great present from your sister xo

RosaMaría said...

that quilt is so beautiful! great job!!! i have the book too i think i must look that proyect! nice gift from your sis!

Rebekah said...

What an absolutely gorgeous quilt! The handsewing alone is worth $230! I love the little flowers you sewed.