Charity quilt for school fundraiser

Once again, I have found myself up against a rapidly approaching deadline. The school auction is on April 21 but it would be better to finish before the deadline so it can be included in the auction catalog.

Will I make it?

I have completed the hand quilting in 25 out of 30 blocks and I need to do the binding as well.



Stay tuned for future developments.


wishes, true and kind said...

Very cute! I love the embroidery :)

Dee said...

Oh my this is just too cute! I love the embroidery and the colors are so happy!

Hurry, hurry little rabbit!

Claudia said...

I deleted the last comment from hrgottlieb as it appeared to be spam. If it wasn't, then I apologize, whowever, any regular reader of my blog would know that I am a hobbyist quilter and at this time, prefer to keep my blog free of any commercial links.

Rebekah said...

Your hand quilting is gorgeous! What an adorable auction quilt.

wishes, true and kind said...

I just read your comment on my post. It looks like Sammy is as much admired as my new quilt tops!

los angeles donate car charity said...

These are nice! Hope you make more for this year.