Snowball quilt top completed!

And another quilt top ... done!

Here it is:

Snowball quilt top is done!

Snowball quilt top is done!

This quilt has been in the works for at least a year and I started collecting fabrics for the snowballs probably 2 years ago. I had something very specific in mind combining pinks, greens, and gold florals and dots and combining them with hand dyes.

I didn't want any white on this quilt - although there are small bits. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I'm tired of looking at quilts with a lot of white used for negative space. Although using white can be very striking, to requires a little bit more creativity to avoid it, and the end result I thought, was worth it.

I ran out of the gray batik (Hoffman "hippo") I wanted to use for the border blocks and had a mix-up and long wait from www.batiksplus.com before my final yardage arrived. However, they came through and sent me a few extra fat quarters for the inconvenience. If you haven't checked out Batiks Plus, they have the most comprehensive collection of Hoffman batiks anywhere.

At the farmer's market yesterday morning. Elizabeth's wearing the scarf I knitted. I think I'm officially hooked!

Stonestown Farmer's Market

Look at the gorgeous citron. I asked a customer who bought a couple of these what he intended to do with them and he got a sheepish look on his face before telling that he soaks them in vodka. Whole. And they are quite large, so I'm thinking a vat of vodka!


Cathy said...

Wow Claudia your snowball top is awesome. I love the colours you have used, and you are inspired not to use white. The border is beautiful too. I have never seen a citron before, perhaps we don't get them in Australia? That would make one rather large drink!!! xo

Lesly said...

Wow, Claudia, I adore that snowball quilt. I like white well enough in small doses but I do get tired of seeing it everywhere. It's really gorgeous - well done!

wishes, true and kind said...

Absolutely gorgeous snowball quilt! And I am a little tired of white, too, AND the fact that so many people seem to think that is what makes a quilt modern. A lot of old quilts feature white and many old two color quilts were white + another color. Anyway, your quilt is wonderful and truly inspired! Love the fabrics/colors!

Amy said...

At my farmers' market they call those big crazy yellow things "Buddha's Hands." :)
Great quilt!

Rebekah said...

This snowball quilt is amazing! I love the pinks and greens together and it is nice to have a break from all of the white used in quilts (I say this as I have a white bordered nine patch waiting to be finished off)

Your daughter's scarf is really cute!

I've never seen Citron before...I thought it was just a color. And, that is a lot of vodka!

Marianne said...

Gorgeous quilt, Claudia. I love all of the pinks and greens together, one of my favorite colour combos.

Jessica said...

Claudia, it's beautiful, congratulations! I love the fabrics you used and i completely agree about being tired of too much white! (personally i don't know how to use white though, so i don't have trouble going without it..)

i wish our farmer's market was still going but it ended in november.

Dee said...

This quilt is stunning! I mean, really, really stunning and lovely and beautiful and everything a quilt should be!

You and Cathy are slowly converting me to a "gray" lover!