Tending to the Farm

I had a little burst of activity on my Farmer's Wife Sampler:

#62 Old Windmill

#63 Ozark Maple Leaf
#64 Peace & Plenty

#65 Peaceful Hours

#66 Periwinkle
I have now completed 66 out of 111,with 45 to go!  I have no idea how others have finished their FW quilts so quickly.  If I were to simply focus on spending 100% of my quilting time on the FW, I'd quit quilting and probably hate myself too.  So I need to be realistic...  I could finish the blocks by the end of the year if I were to pick up the pace a little bit.  That's my goal (but don't hold me to it).

I have a question to those who blog and use flickr.  How are you editing your photos now that Picnik is no longer available?  I've tried Aviary and it stinks.  What I really miss is being able to "auto-correct" the exposure and color balance.  I'm not sure if the "enhance" feature in Aviary is similar to this? 


greycatquilting said...

I downloaded Picasa, which used to route photos to Piknik, but is now using an online product called Creative Kit.

I find that the basic editing capabilities that Picasa offers (straightening, cropping, flipping, contrast and color changes) are more than enough to handle my needs for uploading to Flickr.

That said, I've been pleased with my (so far) very limited use of Creative Kit.

quirky granola girl said...

your newest batch of blocks are really pretty.
and i have been using picmonkey.com and i really like it. there are so many editing options and my photos are turning out better than they did with picnik.