A Fresh Start

A New Year calls for cleaning out the old and seeing things with fresh eyes.  In that spirit, I spent several hours over last weekend in my sewing room (well, my bedroom) cleaning and organizing my workspace.  A little sadly but with some anticipation, I took down my Farmer's Wife block display of 30+ blocks (hovering over the bed!).

After the decks were cleared, I got down to business.  Here's two new FW blocks taped on the wall by my bed.  These blocks look a little lonely all by themselves on a stretch of white wall!

The flower basket block was a quick and easy one, even with the hand applique on the handle.  I didn't use the template -- I cut a strip of fabric on the bias about 1/2" wider than finished size and folded and pressed the sides in, then shaped and pinned the handle onto the background fabric.  A little spray of starch helped it lie flat.

The Garden Path block was a little more time consuming due to all the small pieces.  I used my easy triangle ruler to measure the printed templates.  I find this easier than trying to trace on the fabric around the templates.

I'm  also making progress on "Liberty Fields" from Material Obsession I, assembling the body of the quilt.

I took this shot to document the placement of the blocks so I would have something to refer to as I sew this together.  I now have all of the blocks joined but have yet to sew them to the strips of HST's.  Let me tell you, this quilt has turned out to be WAY more work than I anticipated.  I was so thrilled to finally be able to lay it all out to see what it's ultimately going to look like!

See the toes and cord at the top of the photo?  That's my son playing his X-box game!  We were competing for floor space.  Ha ha!

I'm also am making progress on quilting feathers on my triangles quilt.   Here's my warm-up piece.   I used some really old fabric and scrap batting.  The very first quilted feathers I ended up hating and am in the process of pulling out.  It's horribly tedious ... I have only a few more rows to go but it's taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r!  The quilting itself is quick and easy so I need to stuck with it so I can finally finish this quilt. 

I also need to find the right fabric to make the binding.  I'm thinking a B&W stripe or dots would work well.  Any suggestions?   Here's an older picture of the quilt top:

The backing is solid aqua.


I feel re-energized by doing some very simple cleaning and organizing.  How about you?  Anyone else starting out "fresh" with the new year?



Lesly said...

Wow, Claudia, I love all those projects. And your quilting looks so gorgeous - I do love those feathers!

Dee said...

Claudia...orange polka dot or solid for the binding...exp if the back is aqua! I love your quilt top...it is amazing! Jealous of your feathers too! lol

Michelle @ the quilted tortoise said...

Your Liberty fields is looking AMAZING!! And your machine quilting is just fantastic!!