Introducing my new baby

A few weeks ago, my new "baby" arrived in the mail.  I purchased a Singer Featherweight on e-bay.  This is actually my very first e-bay purchase and there were a few "bumps" with the seller, but thankfully we got it worked out and the machine arrived in good working condition.  I was away on vacation, so had to wait until we got back and cleaned the house (see my last post about the floor refinishing) before I could set her up and take her for a test run.  Well, I'm in love!!!  My large Babylock is sitting on the floor while I'm enjoying piecing my Farmer's Wife quilt blocks on the featherweight.  It frees up so much more working space on my table.

My daughter had to get in the act as well.  So instead making progress on my FWQAL, we made star blocks with a doggie print.  She looks super serious here, doesn't see?

I didn't make any progress on my FWQAL, but we had fun.

Over this past week, I managed to make one FW block.  It was a bitch....

#17 - Cats & Mice

I used the PP pattern through Yahoo groups and I should have put more thought into how the pieces were going to go together.  I ended up with an impossible construction situation and ended taking apart the units and resewing.  It's a little wonky-doodle, but I'm happy with it.

Here's a block I finished up right before going on vacation. 

#13 - Buckwheat

I used the templates for this one and it's partially hand sewn.  The repros are from various lines - one I like in particular is called Miniatures by Julie Hendrickson.  My local fabric shop, Peapod, carries a few prints in this line.  I think these work nicely in "busy" blocks with tiny pieces.


La Mañosa said...

Congrats on your new machine! I have one, too, that I bought on ebay and I'm really enjoying piecing on it.

Love the dog quilt blocks! So cute!

Pokey said...

I'm so happy for you, Oo, oo, me too! Mine is new for my birthday, and my first stitching was this week. I love how she sounds, such a sweet little hum!

How cool to get to introduce your dear daughter to her, I bet she loves it, huh? Your blocks look wonderful, too ~

Lauren @ Craft My Life Away said...

Ooo wow! What a fantastic ebay win!! Congrats!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Congrats on your new 'baby'!!!!! Loving your FW blocks.