Farmer's Wife QAL

I'm very excited to have stumbled upon a QAL for Laurie Aaron Hird's The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt hosted by Amanda and Angela.  There's a wealth of info about the quilt on the author's website here.  Additionally, check out the flickr group.  Phew, I think that's enough links for one post.

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you may  remember that I started on the Farmer's Wife quilt last year, but lately the blocks have been sitting in a box under my sewing table.  Last night I pulled out the box (after hunting around for a while), and decided to sew up one of the easier block patterns.

#84:  Spool
Love it! 

I'm constructing the simpler blocks that are divisible by 6 by doing the math and cutting with a rotary cutter.  Templates seem really fussy to me for such a simple block.  I will be paper piecing the more intricate designs.

Here's my assistant getting in the act:

Assisting with block selection

It's a bit small ...

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