Upset tummy

My daughter woke this morning complaining of an upset stomach.   She insisted she was too sick to go to school so I stayed at home today and suddenly found myself with a few extra hours on my hands.

Remember this one?  Probably not ... it's been a while!  This is a fairly big quilt top - it measures 98" x 83".  I purchased some gorgeous backing fabric, folded it up with the quilt and it's been sitting on top of my armoire  ever since.  Today, I unfolded the whole mess, pieced the back, cleared the dinning room of furniture and laid it all out and got it sandwiched and pinned.

Now I have to decide how I want it quilted.  Any ideas?  Possibilities include:

1. geometric spiral starting at the center of each block
2. free-form feathers (my current obsession)
3.  Echo quilting around the print on the backing (flowers, etc.)


Mug Rug
A birthday gift for a friend who loves purple.

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Dee said...

I love the idea of the feathers! Organic with geometric.....