Weekend Sewing

It's coming together nicely.  Four more blocks to go!  Each block contains 20 small HST's x 20 blocks = 400 HST's.  I find it less tedious to piece about 3-4 blocks as I go instead of making all of the HST's at once.
1. trimming, 2. chain stitching, 3. pile of Thangles, 4. pressing, 5. press, 6. stack, 7. paper removal, 8. HST's, 9. assembly, 10. WIP: Lady on the Lake block, 11. New Project: Lady of the Lake blocks, 12. Lady of the Lake

It was sunny and in the 70's in San Francisco this weekend.  [yes, I know this may seem like a form of torture for those of you suffering through sub-zero temps right now]  My daughter's gymnastics gym is located at Oyster Pt. in South San Francisco.  Even with a terrible head cold, I couldn't resist going for walk Saturday morning while my daughter was in her class.

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Dee said...

thanks so much for the reminders that the world is really not totally locked in ice and snow!

beautiful pictures that made me smile.

the quilt is coming along beautifully and I hope you feel better soon!

on the iron front...meant to get an email back to you and life is just one big roller coaster ride! lol

hope you all have a great day!