Happy Holidays!

This just about says it all.  We were still deep into wallpaper removal and painting of our living room right up till Christmas.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.  It's been hectic - we've also finished celebrating some family birthdays - but now that Santa's closed up her workshop for the year, I plan on enjoying this next week off with the kids.

My family does a secret Santa gift exchange and I made my SIL a tablerunner, napkins and a pot holder using French General Maison de Garance fabric.  After searching the internet and my stash of quilting magazines for a pattern, I decided I went with something very simple to feature the center floral print.

The binding is cut on the bias, and there is a slight ripple at the edges because I cut the fabric lenthwise, but otherwise, I think it came out quite nicely.  Blue woven is on the back.

At the last minute (of an already last minute project) I decided to whip up a pot holder.  The Lemoyne Star block pattern is very fiddly (set in seams) but some free motion quilting minimized the flaws. 


Here's wishing all my readers a happy and wonderful holiday season!

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Dee said...

What thoughtful and beautiful gifts!

Wishing you a 2011 that is holy, peaceful and full of love and laughter!