New York Beauties anyone?

For my February block in my virtual quilting bee, I was forced to learn how to make a New York Beauty block. Intimidating, no?

My first attempt using my own fabrics:

New York Beauty test block

The paper piecing template can be found here: http://www.lenzula.com/pattern/free/nyb.php.

I had never before attempted paper piecing and sewing curves. I decided to use tracing paper for my template. While I found it to be a tedious process to draft the pattern onto tracing paper, it wasn't difficult nor was the stitching. Sewing the curves proved to be much easier than I imagined. I pinned the center point and ends, then used a lot of pins to smooth out the sewing line. I used my small applique pins, sewing right over them.

This is what it looks like from the back:

back of NY Beauty

The points come out nice and sharp using the paper piecing method.

close up

I decided to try a different template for my final block and so made up another practise block with my own fabrics.
Practice block - New York Beauty

And the final using Jennifer's (bee) fabrics.

New York Beauty

I added the purple print batik and raspberry solid from my stash to give it a little more pizzazz.


Anonymous said...

These looks SO much better than my practice blocks! I was using an EQ6 pattern and foundation paper that was too thick for the curves, I think.

I will be attempting, again, this weekend!

Dee said...

Claudia, this is perfectly lovely and so precise! Great job!

Sarah said...

Wow, this block is beautiful. So are your practice blocks! Congrats on the curves - they look great.

wishes, true and kind said...

Great work! It looks like you got more precise with each block. I admire you for doing more than one. Just making one block kind of cured me of the desire to make a New York Beauty quilt :). I see that you used a pattern from the same website that Dee and I used (we used Block 4). Ours finished at 8-1/4 instead of 8-1/2. What size did yours finish?

Rebekah said...

amazing! This block turned out beautifully!

I have to say that I am really relieved that none of my VQB friends have requested this block!