Inagural Post

My very first blog post, and I mean ever, so please bear with me, I basically have no idea what I'm doing.
The impetus to create this blog is my participation in Comfortstitching's Hexagon Quilt-A-Long. I hope she doesn't mind my linking to her blog here. I'm still have much to learn about blog etiquette.

Now, moving on to the subject at hand, progress on my hexagon quilt. I'm still in the cutting stages. I decided to use this project as a "stash buster" and only use fabrics I have already on hand. Over the last few years, I've amassed a sizeable collection of Depression Era prints/Feedsacks, many of which were bought on our annual trips to my husband's home state, Iowa. Time to start putting these charming prints to use.
Note: apparently, I'm not smart enough to figure out how to get the text to wrap properly. Please, anyone who has experience with Blogger, I would love to know how to correct this.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the blog Claudia, your etiquette is great so don't be worrying about that!!! The feedsack fabrics are perfect for the hex's, it's all looking lovely.
As to your googling probs, joan and justcolleen from the halfhex flickr group also just started google blogs so they may be able to help. If you still have probs there are plenty of nice google bloggers active on flickr I'd just flickrmail someone with your queries. Good luck!!

Kathleen said...

hi Claudia and welcome to the blogosphere! I have been blogging for two years now and all will reveal itself... i promise you!

I love that you are using your stash for this half hexagon quiltalong, i used scraps only for mine so it is a challenge but fun.

I have a new blogger personal blog...what do you mean about the text not wrapping?

Claudia said...

Kathleen, thanks for trying to help! The text to the right of the photo - the 1st half of my first sentence is squeezed in the narrow space there only 2 letters wide, and it wraps down to below the image. I see it this way on my work computer but looks fine on my home computer. Also, when you create a new post, I can't figure out how to get the photos to be entered in under the text I have just written. All the pictures go to the top of the page and then I have to laboriously move them down.